Beauty Tips From Paris

Simplified beauty

I remember the days when I use to obsess over the latest beauty launches and products. I really can't emphasize how madly I've simplified my life and routines and I will probably mention it constantly going forward because its just something that has improved my joy and happiness in infinite ways. As of lately, I barely really bother with heavy make-up. I've been reading some books on the everyday french gal and I'm incredibly inspired by how effortlessly they carry on.

A Few Notes On Parisian Beauty

SKIN / the Parisienne avoids anything that'll scream cake-face. She appreciates her skin and enhances what nature has given her. Her freckles peak through in the sunlight and she doesn't fuss much to cover her imperfections.
MAKE-UP / its light and it simply enhances whats already there. It doesn't change or alter what she actually looks like. To her, simplicity is key, even in this department.

The Basic Routine

Moisturize - coat & soften the skin
Concealer - I use to use concealer 1-2 shades lighter than my skin tone to highlight under my eyes, but I've calm down a lot with that. On limited occasions, I use concealer to actually conceal and highlight, but for the sake of keeping the skin as natural as possible; I use the same concealer shade as I would a foundation or skin tint to perfect any spots. I much rather spot on skin-shade concealer than go all over the face with a heavy-duty foundation... but we'll balance that out in my next point
Skin tint - if need be, skin tint in lieu of foundation. Or BB creams! I go back and forth between the Glossier Skin Perfecting skin tint and the NARS Matte Velvet skin tint depending on the day and weather
Highlight - I like to highlight the top of my cheekbones as subtle as possible. The goal isn't for it to "pop", but give off a healthy appearance and inside-out glow instead
Blush - its seriously the cherry on top. I don't like anything too red, orange, or pink. I'm into more neutral and mauve tones- as our cheeks naturally blush
Bronzer - to pull the look together and add warmth to the skin
Mascara - a must in my book
Eyeliner - for a night out

I love make-up and playing around with our face structures, light and shadows, but lets not make it overwhelming. I'm far more into this simplistic approach. Xo

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