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Apr 30, 2014

Welcome back! My Universe is getting a little spin with this beauty-related post! I almost burst of excitement every time I think about the many ideas I have for my site :)! You will just see as time passes. I am so grateful for all of my readers. Thank you so much for stopping by! Your e-mails are truly appreciated. Starting a blog was one of the best things I think I have ever done. I love it so very much!

For the last month or so, others and I have noticed an unusual length in my lashes and I owe it all to discipline in care and this particular item. Let us start with the amazing fact that you can purchase this at the Dollar Tree! Yes! The dollar store or your local drugstore. My secret for super healthy, long, and thick lashes revealed: all due to petroleum jelly, the main ingredient in Vaseline! I use this 3 different ways: 
  1. After washing my face in the morning, I apply this to my lashes and just let it sit there. This gives my face a natural flushed look. They appear to be wet and its very flattering.
  2. When applying make-up, I usually save mascara for last. I use this to prime my lashes and with just 2 coats of mascara they seem to be through the roof! 
  3. Lastly, when I am removing my make-up, I make sure to go to bed with my lashes moist in this product. The area around the eye is the most sensitive and this helps keep it hydrated, smooth and nourishes the lashes while I sleep soundly.   
It is such a simple addition to my lash-care routine that takes no more than 10 seconds to carefully apply and gives me durable, amazing results. 
Tips for fuller lashes:
  • Removing make-up before bed is a golden rule, but to stay on topic: Never go to bed with mascara on! While you sleep, the mascara hardens on your lashes and this causes breakage and lash-fallout. Ladies, we have all experienced this and it is no fun!
  • Create a lash-care routine and be consistent with it {stay-tuned for my lash wash-routine}*
  • Stay away from false lashes. As pretty as falsies may be, they are not the best for your lashes while trying to encourage their growth. The glue can be damaging to your natural hair. Caring for them will totally be worth it because in the end people will ask if your own are your own; at least this has been the case for me!
  • Prior to applying mascara, prime those babies! ;) Priming your lashes will give them an incredible boost and will also keep them well in their place as the hours of the day go by.

I am currently experimenting with a new product and am waiting on more obvious results before sharing. I wanted to post this one first to not confuse the results of the two, but also because I feel this has truly been the foundation for the improvement in my lash growth. I am amazed at what this product has done after faithful application.
See you soon!
xx, alba

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