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Aug 31, 2013

            Hello, my wonderful viewers! So it has been just about a month since my first blog-post here on Blogger, and I am thrilled to have nearly 4,000 views in such a short amount of time. Thank you SO much for reading and seeing what I post and for all of your sweet E-mails of encouragement and love. I wanted to start a blog for the longest time and I really don't know why I didn't start sooner. The support has been such a blessing and this has been such a fun outlet.
          It is the last day of August! It has been such a productive month for me and a lot is changing. I have started my fall term and have been very entertained with reading, studying, and submitting my assignments. My professors are all so kind, very helpful, and brilliant! I am so excited and I have so much to look forward to.
         For those of you that are in school, have started, or will start, I hope you have had or wish you successful fresh start in this new school year. Hold still and stay organized! I have put together a video of all of my recent school supplies of very affordable prices in hopes of helping you achieve good finds. I didn't want this video to exceed 10 minutes... but when I am talking about something that's sooo amazing to me I can't help but be descriptive and keep on telling! Hahah! I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment or E-mail me anything you would like for me to write or talk about. I plan on doing some posts/videos on:
  • Organization methods 
  • How I use my planner
  • How I take notes/study
  • How to have a successful semester 
  • Tips on anything applicable to life that I find have worked for me.
       I apologize ahead of time for the low-quality of the video. It was filmed  on my laptop and I am not an expert in editing :(. I am also still trying to master my camera! The quality on there is excellent. Bare with me ;). Feel free to leave feedback or subscribe. I have created Alba's Universe a channel as a companion to this blog.

         I hope you're having an incredible end of the month and are preparing for this new season *my favorite* FALL. I continue to dream about breezy weather and holiday decor! Thanks for reading/viewing! God bless.
xx, Alba


Life on the Edge

Aug 15, 2013

             Hello viewer :)! I hope you've had an amazing beginning of the month. Summer is coming to an end. Are you ready to move on? I sure am! I've spent a lot of time these last few weeks preparing for my upcoming term starting 8.26! I really love school and am eternally grateful to be studying in such an opportunistic country. Since elementary school, I've had the loveliest obsession with school supplies and have been greatly entertained buying the necessary! I've gathered some pretty neat things and am considering doing a "Back To School" themed-post to show you guys my study material and maybe give some organizing tips!  
           >>On to the look! I am sooo incredibly excited for fall fashion. Darker tones, cooler weather, and heavier material. My wishful thinking is revealed through my daily wears. Perhaps it'll come sooner! I love anything leather! I decided to break the rules and rock one of my favorite blazers of all time. Black on black with contrasting fabrics. I paired of one my favorite boyfriend jeans with a light tank 2 sizes greater than my actual size and some ankle-cuff single sole black pumps! The tank reads: L.A. The style of these heels have been a hot trend this spring and summer. They literally go with anything! It is so easy to look chic and fab with little-to-no effort. I definitely went for an edgy, comfortable street-styled look and loved the outcome!
                                      GOD bless you and thanks for viewing! 
                                                     xx, Alba

New Hobby: Smashing!

Aug 7, 2013

              About 4 weeks ago, I discovered this hobby that perfectly placed everything I love together! Ever since elementary school, I've been obsessed with anything stationery! I've loved journaling, scrap-booking, photographs, describing how a quote makes me feel, and truly tuning myself with everything I experience. A "smash book" allows you to collect, record, and decorate moments of life. I love the idea of this book because it can be personalized to your taste in so many ways. There's a lot of themes to the book and each theme has a different color on the bind. I chose the wedding style and as revealed in this photo, you can see it has a settled-creamy color. It brings a pen/glue which I find to work relatively well, and inside every page has a different design. This is my first one (as I plan to complete others and eventually have a collection), but this one will barely have anything to do with a wedding. I love the pages inside and will fill it with things like:
  • Movie tickets and next to it my written experience
  • A recipe
  • A note
  • An old note 
  • A note to self
  • A favorite quote
  • A reflection
  • A receipt from a restaurant I ate at and if I really enjoyed or disliked
  • Current To Do list
  • Short/Long term goals and my steps to achieve it
  • Photo with a friend and write about them next to it
  • Inspiration
  • Biblical context
...the ideas are infinite! Sounds a lot like a pretty junk journal.
            I haven't visited my parents in about 3 years, and I have some special things like my boarding pass from my last flight there, the first time I saw The Weeknd in concert with my best friend and for any of you who've seen him know he floods the floor with black XO balloons... I saved two balloons which are flat now, lol, but that'll go in the book, too. I graduated high school in the Amway Center in Orlando, FL and I saved an extra ticket I had for that special event, and it will also go in the book, my first ticket to Disney World in 2004, the card of the doctor who delivered me from my mom's belly... yes... I have that! An invitation to the first surprise party ever thrown for me, and so on! Just to give an idea :) 
           All of the material presented in these photos are from when I first picked up my smash book. I went to craft stores like Michael's and Joann's. My final estimate rounded up to about $53, but I got a lot of stuff and the most expensive (besides the smash book itself which I believe was somewhere around $12) was probably $3.99! I looked for everything that was on sale or in clearance. That's my favorite way to shop for this hobby because its a matter of collecting things to use for personalization. 

             These sheets are $0.79 each. Pretty pricey when you're purchasing a lot for a project. On 4th of July weekend Joann's had a sale that consisted of 5 sheets for $1! That made me so happy! I picked up 15. 
               I'm obsessed with this little stamp and GOLD ink! I bought the black because black is the norm and I'm sure I'll want some stamped dates and notes to be simple and bold. I also purchased this mason jar, which really has nothing to do with my smash book project (for now), but you can do so much with this thing and most of inspiration for it comes from Pinterest.
                Here's the box I keep everything in. I had it in my room for a while and am now making better use of it :) everything is well-organized in there and I expect my collection to keep growing. Here I have all kinds of tapes to tape papers and photos in the book, pearls to glue in certain spots to add glam, pins, all kinds of  paper clips, strings, stickers, tags, markers, etc.
When the plastic cover protector is removed, you can also personalize the cover. I look forward to this, too!
                                              This is one of my favorite pages inside.

          These last 2 photos are things I purchased from the dollar store and am sooo pleased with how they've turned out. Everything exactly $1 except those 3 little notebooks you see there... Those were a pack of 3 for $1! Even better! They're made from recycled paper and I believe it is my best purchase yet! Haha. I have brilliant ideas with those... I'm going to have a specific purpose for each one. One will be a "To Blog" notebook to keep me on track with that I want to post on here, another will be a Brainstorming/Ideas notebook. And the last one I'm not quite sure yet. 
         I love these sheer ribbon rolls. The colors are matte burgundy, champagne with hints of gold, and a glistening bronze. I plan on going back for more. They have colors by the dozens! The green stack of writing tablets is a pack of 5 for $1. 3 crafting glues for $1. A pack of poms poms to decorate pages, and a huge pack of thin markers with a grand variety of colors... again, just $1! 
            Can you tell how excited I am? If you've read this far, THANK YOU so much for doing so. I usually become obsessed and super enthusiastic about things I can feed all of my positive energy into. For me, a smash book is a great way to do so! I love building memories and looking back. When I'm overly excited about something I'm very detailed, but tend to be all over the place. So, if you are interested in learning more or starting one yourself and this post confused you more than it relaxed you, I encourage you to seek tutorials on it. There are many on YouTube and you can also google ideas :) Hope you've enjoyed!
             On another note, I have some great looks coming soon! Stay tuned ;) Blessings!
                                                                 xx, Alba 


Less Is More

Aug 1, 2013

        Loves! I can't believe its August already. 8 months into the year! I love August because I get to wrap up my least favorite season (summer) and prepare for autumn. I also love the "Back To School" period. I currently reside in Orlando, Florida and school starts at the end of this month. I look forward to this upcoming semester and what it has in store. The way I look in this post is how I dress the majority of the week for little to no reason. I'm always wearing some sort of loose-fit pants and I really love button-downs with pretty prints and pretty buttons. The off-white, creamy blouse made this look easy and refreshing. Shades are a must in this state! I felt the frame in these sunglasses were really complimentary to the overall look. As far as jewelry goes, I really like to keep it simple and classic. Gold is my favorite! I'm usually always wearing my gold rings, watch, and thin bracelets. Less is more.

                                         Thanks for viewing! God bless! 
                                                           xx, Alba

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