A Peek Of Skin

Jul 30, 2013

Hello, loves! I am overwhelmed with joy from all the love and support that has been brought upon my blog. I received 750+ views within 24 hours of my first post! Visitors from all over the world!! Places like Sweden, South Korea, Russia, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Spain, and many states in America! Keeping up with my stats and seeing my live traffic audience feed makes me so happy! This has shown me that outcomes are usually better when I expect less. I am so incredibly thankful for you viewers and readers. I look forward to growing as a blogger and interacting with you all. I am glad I can share my looks with you! More thoughts and projects will be posted as I progress. In this post, I am wearing one of my favorite pants with a stripped crop top that I purchased at American Apparel the last time I went to New Jersey. I personally do not like to reveal a lot of skin, so I played around and paired the short top with super tall high-waist pants. I love the fabric of the pants and was comfortable throughout the hours. I love that everything is well-adjusted in the right areas! You can achieve a sexy and elegant look without showing too much! ;)
                              Hope you enjoyed!! Thank you for your time
                                                  xx, Alba

Summer Dressed In Dark

Jul 29, 2013

Lately, I've been obsessed with off patterns and gold tones. In this post, I am proudly showing off this lovely top I found while thrifting for only $3.49! Can you believe it? I think the visual and complimentary tones of this blouse is worthy of notice. It held my immediate attention! If you've never been to a thrift store, I really encourage you to visit one. You may find some fine pieces! This one is definitely one of my favorites. I paired this with some black silk pants and classic pumps. Perfect outfit to meet a friend for a late lunch. Although it is summer, I almost never dress like it is. 

                                          Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! :)
                                           xx, Alba


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